Commercial Solar Financing

Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

Financial Facts

Up to 10 years finance
Can be less expensive than cash using the correct tax strategy
100% tax deductible payments
Installation on leased properties is okay
No financials required up to $50,000 ($100,000 subject to additional conditions)

0$ Financing

How Does It Work?

You pay $0 up-front. We arrange the installation of a custom designed system for you. You pay the system off over time (just like a home loan).
Then your electricity bill goes way down because you’re getting much of your electricity from the sun or using less due to efficiency! That lower bill plus the repayment is in most cases less than your old electricity bill.

0$ Financing​
Pay Over Time. Start Making Savings Now!​

Pay Over Time. Start Making Savings Now!

Plan Ahead Of The Rising Costs
Businesses who plan ahead can see that rising electricity prices are set to increase by approx. 4% – 7% in perpetuity.

Cash Flow Positive Solution
Why pay money to an Electricity Retailer (forever)when you a Cash Flow Positive Solution that is available to you today.

Commercial Solar – A no-brainer
If you are a business with Operating Hours of 8:30AM to 5:00PM, open 251 working days a year, a Commercial Solar System is a ‘no brainer’.

The Solar industry is maturing in Australia. Solar Link Australia is leading the way in Commercial Solar with its unique and sophisticated financial business models. Our solutions help Businesses, Schools, Charities and Government reduce their Operating Expenses.

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