Newline Pool Products

Case Study


Newline Pool Products is an Australian business that has been serving Australians for over 25 years by providing them with over 5000 products. As they’ve been an Australian business for a long time they understand the importance of operating efficiently and reducing their impact on the environment. This has led to the installation of a commercial solar system to save on energy and operating costs thus benefiting Newline Pool Products, and ultimately the Australians they serve. Commercial solar is an affordable energy option that creates a sustainable future.

Given the ever increasing cost of power, Newline Pool Products called on Solar Link Australia’s expertise to provide a power saving Solar Power Solution. Newline Pool Products elected to install 80 Solar PV Modules for a 25kW solar system. The panels have a positive tolerance providing reliable output and a guaranteed tolerance of +3%. They also have high module efficiency of up to 15.22%. Moreover, they are certified to withstand 2400 Pa of wind and snow loads of up to 5400P as well as withstand a direct hail hit due to its tempered glass cover that is tested to TUV Standards (25mm diameter ice ball at 23.0m/s), keeping users worry-free at times of harsh weather.

Fronius Inverters are Austrian made and built to precision. They are robust in their build & offer unmatched after sales technical support. Furthermore, with inbuilt comms functionality, Newline Pool Products’ Solar investment can be monitored via phone, tablet or laptop from anywhere in the world with a simple login.

Solar Link Australia is proud to supply & install the industry’s leading brands to one of Australia’s leading Business Retailers. Newline Pool Products will not only save money by using solar but is also leading the way in its social and corporate responsibility to reduce its own carbon footprint.

  • System Size 25kW
  • System Specs 1 x Fronius Inverter, 80 x 320W Solar Panels
  • Location 136 Bluestone Circuit, Seventeen Mile Rocks QLD 4073
  • Annual Prod. In Excess of 40 Megawatts
  • C02 Emissions Savings 42 Tonnes / year
  • ROI 3 Years