1.6kW Off-Grid System | Victron and AGM Batteries

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This small off-grid system is designed to be affordable and perfectly sized for cabins or sheds.

With 6 x solar PV modules, this 1.6kW system will generate 4.5-5.44kWh of power per day. This off-grid system is great for those with light energy usage, or those with limited roof space.

The Victron Inverter is an inverter and charger combined in one elegant package. It has many features, including remote monitoring and control. The Victron inverter is also scalable, as you can run up to 6 in parallel.

The AGM batteries are rated for 800-1200 cycles and have a 50% depth of discharge. As they have a shorter lifespan than other batteries, they are designed with affordability in mind. And very suitable for those who won’t cycle their battery as often. Such as those with a holiday/weekend house.

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6 x Solar PV Panels


AGM Batteries


Victron Inverter


4.5 – 5.4kWh Avg. Daily Production, 800 – 1200 Cycles, 50% Depth Of Discharge