Alpha SMILE-BAT-13.3P

13.3kWh Battery (0.35C, 96% DoD, 48V)

610 x 236 x 812mm (W x D x H)


A maximum of 5 expansion units may be added to the Smile5

13.3 to 80kWh

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Alpha ESS wins top marks for reliability, durability, and performance under challenging conditions. Rugged construction gives it a very high rating for dust and rain protection, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations anywhere in Australia. Its lithium iron phosphate chemistry also provides superior thermal stability, which maximizes safety as well as tolerance for hot weather – 375 Alpha systems were operating in Australia through the 2017 heatwave and none failed. They are also backed by one of the only 10-year, unlimited-cycle warranties in the industry. The flip side of this quality is a slightly higher price as well as a larger footprint than batteries of similar capacity, so Alpha ESS might not be your choice if you’re on a tight budget or if space is at a premium.