3kW Off-Grid System | SMA and Li-ion Batteries

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This medium-sized off-grid system is designed to be efficient and perfectly sized for a small-moderate household.

With 12 x solar PV modules, this 3kW system will generate 8.4 – 10.2kWh of power per day. This off-grid system is great for those with lighter energy usage, but with its Lithium batteries, it will be able to keep up with more demanding energy usage scenarios.

The SMA inverter is a high-quality inverter with excellent surge ratings. The SMA can be configured to meet many off-grid system’s needs and will maintain it’s high performance even under the harshest environmental conditions. When setting up in an off-grid system, power will first be drawn from the inverter, and then the batteries. Allowing the homeowner to get the most from their solar energy production.

Lithium-ion batteries offer the longest lifespan at 6000 cycles. Not only that, but their rated depth-of-discharge is much higher. Unlike AGM and gel batteries that only discharge to 50%, Li-ion batteries discharge to up to 90%. Which means the usable capacity per cycle is greatly increased. This is the most premium choice for a battery and is fit for a more power-hungry household, or one that prioritises longevity over costs in their system.

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12 x Solar PV Panels


Lithium-ion Batteries


SMA Inverter


8.4 – 10.2kWh Avg. Daily Production, 6000 Cycles, 90% Depth Of Discharge