Apha ESS Smile 13.3kW Battery

SMILE 5 with 10.3P battery
Energy Capacity
13.3 kWh Battery
100% depth of discharge
8,000 Life Cycle
13.34 kWh Unit Energy Capacity
13.34 kWh Usable Capacity
Size & Weight
L x W x D
610 x 236 x 812 mm
120 kg
Floor or wall mounted
Indoor or outdoor
0% ~ 95% Humidity
Water and dust resistance to IP65
10 Years


Apha ESS Smile 13.3kW Battery

The new offering from Apha ESS Smile launched in Australia in the first week of November, promising 13.3kWh of storage capacity, a 10-year warranty, and a battery design life of around 15 years due to an 8,000 cycle rating.

But it’s the price of the lithium-ion phosphate battery that catches the eye. Australian households can have an Alpha ESS Smile 5 13kWh battery installed for just under $10,000 ($9,900) – that is *with* installation.

The 13.5kWh Powerwall 2, on the other hand, now retails from Tesla at $12,500 – up from $11,700 – without installation, which can cost between $1,150 and $2,900, depending on the location and installer.

This is good news for those Australian households that have been holding off on investing in battery storage due to cost. Although it’s still a big splurge for most households, with certain state subsidies and VPP offerings, the payback can be brought to around the seven-year mark – which is where rooftop solar started to really take off.

AlphaESS is one of the leading energy storage solution and service providers in the globe. The company specializes in the residential and commercial market, aiming to deliver the most cost-effective and fit-for-purpose solutions. AlphaESS has 10+ sub-sidiaries providing local services and 60,000+ systems actively running in over 60 countries, enabling millions of people to live with reliable,accessible and clean energy.

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