Longi Solar 370W Black EVO 2

Longie HI-MO 4 PERC Mono 370W BLACK 35mm 1500v EVO2 (LR4-60HPH-370M)
High Power
• 450W front power and 20.7% module efficiency
• Half-cut cell technology enables higher power and lower hot spot temperature because of low working current
• Using M6 standard wafer Part of assembly line upgraded to 9BB, further improve power
High Reliability
• Unique parallel connection design, more energy yield in case of shading
• 35mm frame,front / back side maximum static loading: 5400Pa/2400pa
• High module quality ensures long-term reliability
• Half-Cell, Lower operating temperature
High Energy Regeneration
• Cell efficiency >22%, anti-LID, anti-PID, 1st year degradation ≤2%
• Excellent outdoor power generation performance


Longi Solar 370W Black EVO 2

Founded in 2000, Longi Hi-MO Green Energy Technology Co.Ltd. is the largest mono crystal manufacturer in the world. It provides high quality products and services for photovoltaic and semiconductor industry. Since established in 2014, LONGi devotes itself to R&D and manufacturing of high efficiency mono solar cells and modules.

LONGi Hi-MO Solar mono module products are highly efficient and reliable, they are proven to have an average cell efficiency rate of 21%. The most advanced module manufacturing technologies are applied to get lower LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy), excellent performance at Light Induced Degradation (LID) and to ensure the power generation and investment revenue for customers.

The Longi Hi-MO X is a mono PERC solar panel featuring a shingled layout. “Shingle” solar panels are modules comprised of multiple thin overlapping solar cells.

Available in capacities up to 405W (72-cell) and 355W (60-cell), the Hi-MO X offers module efficiencies of between 19.3% and 20.3% for the 72-cell series and 19.1% – 20.3% for the 60-cell.

Both the 60- and 72-cell Hi-MO X have a temperature coefficient of Pmax of -0.37 %/°C. This refers to how much power a solar panel loses for every °C above 25°C (panel temperature, not ambient air temperature).


Weight 60008310 kg

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