Sofar GTX5000 Amass-store Lithium

Sofar GTX5000
Energy Capacity
5100Wh Battery
90% depth of discharge
6,000 Life Cycle
Nominal Voltage 51.2V
Nominal Capacity 50AH
Size & Weight
L x W x D
480 x 211.5 x 600mm
54 kg
Floor or wall mounted
Indoor or outdoor
0% ~ 95% Humidity
10 Years



Low-voltage battery 5kWh Sofar GTX5000 (5kWh each, scalable to 20kWh)

  • Compatible with multi-brand storage inverters
  • Supports parallel expansion, supports up to 4 parallels
  • CATL brand battery, long cycle lufe (6000 times)
  • Wall-mounted or floor-mounted installation, time and cost saving
  • Han’s Laser automated PACK production line, stable and reliable production quality
  • One-button automatic assignment battery module ID, simple and convenient operation
  • Remote diagnosis and real-time data monitoring
  • Certification of IEC62619, UN38.3, IEC62040-l, SAA etc

Sofar GTX5000 Single-phase Energy storage solutions

  • Outdoor IP65 design
  • A variety of work modes are optional
  • Built-in zero export function
  • Integrated fanless self-recognition heat dissipation design
  • Compatible with on-grid and off-grid
  • EPS function, the switching time is less than 10ms
  • Flexible configuration of lead-acid or lithium battery

SOFAR Group was established in 2008. In 2012, SOFAR Solar is established as a division of SOFAR Group and we are committed to produce the best products and services for our customers around the world. As a global inverter manufacturer company, we take pride that SOFAR SOLAR is gaining recognition as an industry leader in the global inverter market. As of now, SOFAR solar products have been installed in 60+ countries and territories. Our headquarters in China houses over 600+ employees with offices around the world.

Sofar Solar product portfolio includes a wide range of renewable energy products, including on-grid inverters 1-255kW, hybrid inverters 3-20kW, battery storage systems and EV charging stations that generates more than 250 million $ in 2020.

Our experienced and industry-leading R&D team is at the heart of our business. Driving innovation to create new technologies and expanding our product portfolio to technologies such as energy storage and EV chargers. We have close ties with academia, Huazhong University houses our material and components evaluation lab ensuring we only use the best quality components.

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