Sofar Transformerless PV G3 Series Gridtied Inverter

Sofar Transformerless PV Gridtied Single Phase w/out DC switch, WiFi (standard) (SOFAR 1600-3000TL-G3)
• Free site selection due to IP65
• Easy installation and maintenance due to “Plug & Play” connection
• Detachable cover for easy installation
• Rust-free aluminum covers
• Flexible monitoring solution
• Wall Mounted
• 1.4 DC overload
• Light weight quick and easy to install
• IP65 ingress protection
Max Efficiency
97.5 ~ 97.7%
1,600 / 2,200 / 3,000W
303 x 260.5 x 18mm(1.6-2.2kW) / 321 x 260.5 x 31.5 (3kw)
5.5 ~ 6.3kg


Sofar Transformerless PV G3 Series Gridtied Inverter

SOFAR Group was established in 2008. In 2012, Sofar Transformerless PV  is established as a division of SOFAR Group and we are committed to produce the best products and services for our customers around the world. As a global inverter manufacturer company, we take pride that SOFAR SOLAR is gaining recognition as an industry leader in the global inverter market. As of now, SOFAR solar products have been installed in 60+ countries and territories. Our headquarters in China houses over 600+ employees with offices around the world.

Sofar Solar product portfolio includes a wide range of renewable energy products, including on-grid inverters 1-255kW, inverters 3-20kW, battery storage systems and EV charging stations that generates more than 250 million $ in 2020.

At Sofar Solar, it is our vision to make the world less dependent on fossil fuels through technology and innovation. We believe in the tremendous potential of Solar and Renewable Energy and our goal is to be a leader in the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Why choose SOFAR SOLAR inverters?

  • All have 25-year data storage capability (Internal SD Card)
  • All can be found in PV Sol system
  • All are insured by US CHUBB Insurance Corporation Company
  • All have standard Wifi communication



1.1kW, 2.2kW, 2.7kW, 3kW

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