The Tesla Powerwall 2 is the successor to Tesla’s first Powerwall. It is an AC-coupled battery system, including a 13.5kWh NMC lithium-ion battery pack and inbuilt inverter. The cells were designed by Tesla and Panasonic and are manufactured in the USA. The Powerwall 2 incorporates a liquid thermal regulation system to keep the batteries at an optimal temperature.

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The Powerwall lithium battery system from Tesla Energy has made a big impact in the solar world and pushed home energy storage into the mainstream. Tesla took the energy storage world by surprise with the release of the first generation Powerwall almost 6 years ago. This unique DC-coupled battery had a much smaller 6.4kWh capacity and was the first high-voltage battery for home use. In comparison, the second generation Powerwall 2, which we review in this article, has over double the storage capacity and includes an integrated battery inverter/charger giving it much more power and flexibility.

Battery NamePowerwall 2 AC
Technology ClassLi-ion NMC
Nominal Voltage230 V AC
Number of Battery Modules1
Maximum Continous Discharge Rate5 kW
Rated Capacity (@ 100% DOD)13.5 kWh
Recommended DOD
Weight125 kg
Size135 L


Download Datasheet:
Powerwall 2_AC_Datasheet_en_AU