REC Certified Solar Professional

Solar Link Australia is REC Certified Solar Professional. Becoming REC Certified provides customers with an assurance that in addition to high quality panels, they will also receive a high-quality installation.

How is this impacting customer?

  • Knowing that not only is the solar panel of high quality but that the person installing it is also highly skilled and has been trained by REC, gives end customers greater peace of mind for the quality of the installation
  • Take comfort in knowing that your solar installer has been carefully selected, trained, and certified by REC. Not every installer can call himself a “REC Certified Solar Professional”. This means best-in-class service and reliability.
  • By having your REC panels installed by a certified REC Certified Solar Professional installer, you qualify for REC’s ProTrust Warranty*, which covers the product (25 years), performance (25 years), and labour (25 or 10 years).