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Option 1

$0 Upfront!

Solar for $0 Upfront!

With a $0 solar finance arrangement you can lower your energy costs and reduce your electricity bills immediately without paying anything up-front.

Go Solar for $0 up-front (including installation and design of your custom system​​​) – Just pay a simple monthly fee (often less than your current electricity bill). It’s even easier with flexible terms of up to 10 years and low doc applications available (only available for commercial customers).

We offer both Commercial Solar Financing and Residential Solar Financing Options


You pay $0 up-front. We arrange the installation of a custom designed system for you. You pay the system off over time (just like a home loan).

Then your electricity bill goes way down because you’re getting much of your electricity from the sun or using less due to efficiency! Your total savings each bill is often higher than what you’d have to pay back for the solar system. As your total savings is usually higher than total expenses, you can end up not paying a cent extra for a solar system. So contact us today for solar finance in Australia.

  • Finance is arranged by a third-party Humm for residential customers.
  • Finance is arranged by a third-party ASM Money for commercial customers.

Option 2

Use Existing Mortgage

Finance with your existing mortgage.

Yes, this is possible. It’s best to speak to your current home loan lender as you might need to refinance the loan, which may require paying mortgage insurance and refinancing fees and charges.

Option 3

Green Loans

Interest Rate From
6.12% p.a.

Finance with Green Loans scheme offered by Community 1st

Solar Link Australia recommend the Green Loans scheme offered by Community 1st. The advertised rate is 6.12%. Visit them today at Community First

Option 4. Finance with Ezi Pay

Solar Link Australia has formed a partnership with well-known Finance company Humm. This will allow you to purchase a solar system by making affordable Fortnightly payments.

Using finance stacks up as an affordable and convenient way to fund your solar power system. A range of promotional options are available so if you want solar today, but don’t have the cash to pay for it up front, then this is the solution for you.

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Contact Solar Link Australia today to get started with solar. Talk to us about solar financing and we’ll get back to you with the best financing option for you. Pay $0 upfront with solar financing.

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