The Rise of the Risen Photovoltaic Modules


Manufactured by Risen Energy Co., Ltd., the Risen 370W, 390W, and 450W Mono-Perc range is a high-performance solar photovoltaic product used in solar energy systems for the efficient use of renewable energy.
This PV module uses multi-busbar (MBB) technology created for a higher performance compared to the standard 3-busbar technology. Multi-busbar welding design compresses busbar spacing thus, reducing the risk of a microcrack and the distance of the current transmission path is shortened as well. It lessens the PV cost per kilowatt-hour by producing more efficient modular conversion that increases the power output. Potential-induced degradation (PID) caused by a current leakage can occur in PV modules resulting in a high-power loss. 


Risen Modules are PID resistant with a positive tight power tolerance. The flexibility and adaptability of a PV module define the range of its applicability and with the wide application means the product is able to generate a large profit. 


Environmental conditions (e.g., operating temperature, wind speed, and humidity) is one of the main reasons for the poor performance of PV modules after installation. Risen Mono-Perc PV Modules are very safe and effective to use even in seaside and desert areas as it has wind blown sand resistance. Salt exposure can cause corrosion to PV modules since salt is an electrochemical conductor. Risen PV is salt-mist resistant and can still withstand even salt-laden atmospheres. This product also reduces the power loss from dirt and dust via anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface technology. Thermal conductivity also affects the functions of PV modules. Risen PV module has a low operating temperature technology reducing its thermal conductivity coefficient that helps to prevent light-elevated temperature-induced degradation (LETID). It also limits the risk of light-induced degradation (LID), a decrease in PV module performance at the initial stage of sunlight exposure. Risen Modules also have an excellent mechanical load of 4500 Pa and a snow load of 5400 Pa.


In low irradiance situations, the power generation of Risen PV Modules are stable even in low light. PV module reliability depends on its strength against external forces such as wind and snow. One of the major problems in PV modules is shadows and partial shading, reducing efficiency. Shadows cast on the PV module can highly weaken performance but Risen’s solution for this common issue and its anti-shading performance can prevent shading losses. 


The sun is a great and powerful source of clean energy and it is proven to be efficient and helpful not just for the consumers but for the environment as well. More families and business owners are now taking the advantage of renewable energy power through the use of photovoltaics. The cost of investing in this technology is so much lower compared to the benefits you will get from purchasing this kind of product. The cost-effectiveness, efficacy and high reliability of Risen PV Modules make it the leading photovoltaic module product available in the marketplace.

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