What will this mean for solar prices in the near future?

Price Surges of a Solar

Supply Shocks in China  With Covid-19 lockdown delayed installations and impending price surges of a solar PV system, 2021 has not been kind to the Australian solar industry. But why are solar prices rising so suddenly?   Energy Crisis in China – What is Happening? At the end of 2020, China halted the purchase of […]

A Tilted Solar System – Is It Necessary?

tilted solar system

Tilted Solar System During your research, you may have come across a solar system with tilts added underneath the panels. Are they necessary for your system and what is the ideal angle to tilt at? What Does Tilting Do and What is the Best Angle to have a titled solar system? The reason behind tilting […]

PV Oversizing – Your Best Friend in Winter

PV Oversizing – Your Best Friend in Winter

During periods of lower solar energy production, such as winter and cloudy days, it is frustrating to see power bills rise. With an oversized PV system installed, you’ll be able to produce more energy than usual during these periods, which can save you money and maximise electricity production!   What does PV Oversizing Mean? In […]

Virtual Power Plants – Pave the Way to a Sustainable Future and Get Paid!

Virtual Power Plants

Do you like saving money whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions? Of course, you do! By joining a virtual power plants (VPP), you can sell some of the energy you’re storing in your battery to a VPP provider. Let’s look at how this can work.   Feed in Tariffs and Your Battery System If you’ve included […]

Grid Over-Voltage and Overcoming it

Grid Over-Voltage and Overcoming it

What is Grid Over-Voltage and Why Does it Occur? When powerline voltage connected to the house go over Australian standards, grid over-voltage occurs. The grid voltage Australian standard AS 60038 is 230V +10% -6%, which is a range of 216V to 253V. The Australian standard for your inverter instructs that it must disconnect from the […]