Solar System Maintenance

Solar System Maintenance

Solar Link Australia offers solar systems with appropriate guarantee on products and workmanship warranty. We have a well managed team of solar experts to offer quality solar system maintenance, being in business since 2010.

Quality solar installation as well as solar system maintenance for the rest of its life.

We charge very small fee for Solar system maintenance – a thorough inspection of your solar power system by our fully licensed and CEC accredited electrician and a detailed written report about the system. In this fee, we will cover :

  • Inspection of your solar panels for hot spots, snail trails, EVA degradation (browning) or other faults.
  • Inspection of the framing/ panels and roof penetrations
  • Inspection of the complete system including the inverter(s)
  • Inspection of the electrical links – circuit breakers / isolators, wiring and conduit
  • If the cleaning is required, Solar Link Australia expert will advise you for this for very minor charges.

Experts at Solar Link Australia can check and ensure there are no risks or issues associated with an existing solar power system. Our team in the past has solved risks and issues associated with their solar power installations including the threatening risks such as causing a fire in the place (if not rectified). It is very important to ensure that solar power installation is done with safety in mind and is as per the prescribed standards. Some of the very common issues, we have rectified as a part of our Solar System maintenance are:

  • Undersized and dangerous DC circuit breakers.
  • Electrical faults such as cable entries improperly sealed.
  • Water penetration of DC isolators due to conduit not being glued

Some of these issues are life threatening as they may cause a fire in the installation venue.

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