Solis Online Monitoring Account Setup and Connecting Inverter to your Home WIFI

The information below covers the setup process for WiFi monitoring of the Solis inverter.   The first step is to create an account at   Simply visit and follow the link guide below: Monitoring_Account_Setup   The second step is to get your inverter connected to your home internet and pair it to the account you just created.   Simply visit […]

How To Setup Solis Inverter WIFI Settings

Solis WiFi Monitoring Setup  Step 1:  Solis Wifi Setup Ensure you have a Mac or PC device that is connected to your local Wi-Fi network to  continue. Insert your Wi-Fi dongle into the inverter.  Step 2: Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your device, many different networks will appear. Connect to the  network named ‘AP_XXXXXX’.   […]