The Self-Sufficient SMA Solar Energy Solution

The stand-alone solar solution, also known as the off-grid solar solution, is an independent solar system that is not connected to the electricity grid. This self-sustaining system requires the use of batteries where it stores the generated solar energy.  One of the major advantages of an off-grid solar solution is the reliability of the energy it produces even during power outages. With SMA products, you will have the most reliable stand-alone solution for your solar power system. It comes with four major components such as the monitoring that gives an overview of the user’s electricity, a battery storage system that stores energy from the sun, the Sunny Island battery inverter that stores excess solar power and integrate the storage system into usable utility grids, and lastly, the Sunny Boy PV inverter that supplies the maximum power to your home. 


The SMA Sunny Island battery inverter is the best for extreme environments with an excellent Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 54. This means that this battery inverter can still operate at a full function when installed outside unlike other same products with a lower IP rating which are for indoor installation only. It runs reliably even in critical situations without compromising its efficiency.


It has an efficiency rate of up to 95.8% higher than the value of other battery inverters ranging from 92%-95%. Sunny Island gives a safe and consistent electricity supply with an exceptional overload capacity and a high surge power output.


This SMA flexible battery inverter can be configured easily with Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS, a user-friendly web-based program. The monitoring is made easier and faster via smartphones or tablets.


Aside from the Sunny Island battery inverter, SMA includes the unique and famous Sunny Boy PV inverter with modern technological advancement. Sunny Boy is a perfectly designed inverter series for residential and commercial applications with a single-phase option. It has a maximum efficiency of up to 97% with an IP rating of 65 and is the most popular SMA series.


This solar inverter is very light and compact having a low weight of 17.5 kg, much lighter than most solar inverters with a weight of up to 70 kilograms. This feature makes the installation of the Sunny Boy PV inverter quickly and easily without requiring a huge space.


Shading on the PV modules truly affects the efficiency of the solar energy system and is sometimes unavoidable. But the Sunny Boy inverter is able to manage even a partial shading thanks to the patented SMA ShadeFix function that reduces the effect of shading and allows the whole system to function effectively.


Just like Sunny Island, Sunny Boy also offers easy monitoring with a simple web interface of the SMA Smart Connect via smartphones or tablets. It notifies the user as well if there are any irregularities in the inverter for a faster response.


 Selling over 750,000 inverters across Australia, SMA products make up 35% of solar electricity in the country. The flexibility of SMA inverters in on-grid and off-grid makes it the chosen European inverter manufacturer of most consumers in Australia. 


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