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Building Your Dream Stand-Alone Solar System with BYD Batteries

BYD Battery

BYD is a lithium iron phosphate battery used with an external solar inverter. Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) comes with lots of advantages over other lithium and lead-acid batteries. It is a cobalt-free battery with a longer lifespan, safer to use than conventional battery chemistries, and lightweight with improved discharge and charge efficiency. This makes it a quality battery with the safest technology. LFP batteries function as well in a wide range of temperatures that enable them to work in various applications. BYD, a short term for “Build your Dreams”, is one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world that offers lithium energy storage systems in off-grid solutions for both residential and commercial applications and is the best modular battery systemA Stand-Alone Solar System. The BYD Battery-Box range variants include the LVS and LVL Premium.
BYD Battery-Box Premium LVS is compatible with some of the single-phase hybrid inverters from brands such as SMA. This battery system has a rating of IP55 which means it is suitable even in outdoor areas. 


It can connect 1 to 6 battery modules in parallel, producing high energy capacity from 4kwh up to 24kWh. This is a greater amount of energy compared to the 14-kWh capacity of other conventional batteries. With some ranges being able to connect up to 64 modules, producing energy as high as 256kWh. This is an excellent choice for a system that requires a huge amount of storage capacity.

Modular Battery

The modular nature of BYD Battery-Box Premium LVS is designed for simpler and easier installation. Its patented internal connection has no additional wirings needed and can be installed quickly. It is flexible and efficient to use and able to produce high energy for its applications. 

BYD Battery-Box LVL Premium is another modular battery that is compatible with off-grid inverters such as SMA, Victron, and Selectronic. This lithium battery is able to produce a usable energy ratio of 96%. 


It has an increased capacity of 15.4kWh per module, which is higher than the common usable energy of most batteries and it is also scalable up to 64 modules producing a high energy capacity of 983kWh. This makes this battery system suitable for residential, commercial, and even industrial applications. It is flexible to use and is compatible with both single and three phase systems. 


BYD Battery-Box LVL Premium is also the most suitable modular battery for off-grid systems where surging loads are used due to its high peak discharge capacity. It has a peak output current value of 375 A (5 sec.). 


It has an easy installation process and is space-saving due to its modular design. Two premium batteries can be put together in a plug & play type configuration, suitable for locations with limited space and can be installed quickly.


Both the BYD Battery-Box LVS and LVL Premium offer a warranty of 10 years.  The scalability of these products using a modular system is undeniably the main feature that makes them ideal batteries for off-grid applications.

The Self-Sufficient SMA Solar Energy Solution
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The Self-Sufficient SMA Solar Energy Solution

The stand-alone solar solution, also known as the off-grid solar solution, is an independent solar system that is not connected to the electricity grid. This self-sustaining system requires the use of batteries where it stores the generated solar energy.  One of the major advantages of an off-grid solar solution is the reliability of the energy it produces even during power outages. With SMA products, you will have the most reliable stand-alone solution for your solar power system. It comes with four major components such as the monitoring that gives an overview of the user’s electricity, a battery storage system that stores energy from the sun, the Sunny Island battery inverter that stores excess solar power and integrate the storage system into usable utility grids, and lastly, the Sunny Boy PV inverter that supplies the maximum power to your home. 


The SMA Sunny Island battery inverter is the best for extreme environments with an excellent Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 54. This means that this battery inverter can still operate at a full function when installed outside unlike other same products with a lower IP rating which are for indoor installation only. It runs reliably even in critical situations without compromising its efficiency.


It has an efficiency rate of up to 95.8% higher than the value of other battery inverters ranging from 92%-95%. Sunny Island gives a safe and consistent electricity supply with an exceptional overload capacity and a high surge power output.


This SMA flexible battery inverter can be configured easily with Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS, a user-friendly web-based program. The monitoring is made easier and faster via smartphones or tablets.


Aside from the Sunny Island battery inverter, SMA includes the unique and famous Sunny Boy PV inverter with modern technological advancement. Sunny Boy is a perfectly designed inverter series for residential and commercial applications with a single-phase option. It has a maximum efficiency of up to 97% with an IP rating of 65 and is the most popular SMA series.


This solar inverter is very light and compact having a low weight of 17.5 kg, much lighter than most solar inverters with a weight of up to 70 kilograms. This feature makes the installation of the Sunny Boy PV inverter quickly and easily without requiring a huge space.


Shading on the PV modules truly affects the efficiency of the solar energy system and is sometimes unavoidable. But the Sunny Boy inverter is able to manage even a partial shading thanks to the patented SMA ShadeFix function that reduces the effect of shading and allows the whole system to function effectively.


Just like Sunny Island, Sunny Boy also offers easy monitoring with a simple web interface of the SMA Smart Connect via smartphones or tablets. It notifies the user as well if there are any irregularities in the inverter for a faster response.


 Selling over 750,000 inverters across Australia, SMA products make up 35% of solar electricity in the country. The flexibility of SMA inverters in on-grid and off-grid makes it the chosen European inverter manufacturer of most consumers in Australia. 


The Benefits of using Canadian Solar HiKu
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The Benefits of using Canadian Solar HiKu

Canadian Solar HiKu

The most important factor to consider when buying a solar Photovoltaic module is its performance is measured by its efficiency rate, with most solar PV modules having an efficiency of about 15%-20%. With 24% more power than these regular solar modules, Canadian Solar HiKu 370W is at the top of the list of the highest efficiency rate. Solar efficiency is the measurement of the sunlight that the solar module is able to convert into electricity. This monocrystalline cell type module has more excellent performance compared to other modules that use other cell types such as polycrystalline and thin film. Among these three common cell types, monocrystalline is considered the most efficient.

This solar module product has an excellent design and the best technology with up to 4.5% lower Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) and with up to 2.5% lower system cost. LCOE determines the cost of power generated by the solar module on its lifetime period. Lower CLOE indicates a better overall system.

Solar modules will decrease their performance over time or will generate lesser energy as years go by. The performance warranty gives confidence to the consumers that the solar module will perform its maximum level of efficiency over a period of years. Canadian Solar HiKu is guaranteed to perform its power capacity and produce a great amount of energy for about 25 years. It has also 25 years product warranty. In contrast, other PV modules equipped with shorter performance and product warranties may indicate shorter lifespans.

A low-temperature coefficient indicates a higher performance rate even on hot summer days compared to solar modules with a higher value. Canadian Solar HiKu has a temperature coefficient (Pmax) of -0.36% per degree Celsius. It is much lower compared to some of its competitors with a value ranging from -0.45% to -0.37%. 

Half-cut technology produces a better output with enhanced durability than the traditional full cell modules and is more resistant to cell cracks. Canadian Solar HiKu is more reliable than other conventional solar modules thanks to the advantage of using the half-cut cell technology. It is also able to endure heavy snow loads of 5,400 Pa and a wind load of up to 3,600 Pa making it more durable than other modules.

Shading lessens the amount of energy generated by the solar module since solar systems produce electricity from the sunlight. Canadian Solar HiKu has a lower internal current and a lower hot spot temperature with better shading tolerance due to its excellent symmetrical module design. This also eliminates the risk of a bad cell as a single shaded cell is able to reduce the current flowing through the other cells, producing higher voltages leading to a higher likelihood of the module to crack. 

Canadian Solar HiKu is committed to providing outstanding solar module products in the market by using excellent technologies and designs. It continues to increase its fame among Australian residential and commercial consumers since it is more efficient, cost-effective, and more reliable to use than other solar PV modules. 

The Rise of the Risen Photovoltaic Modules
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The Rise of the Risen Photovoltaic Modules


Manufactured by Risen Energy Co., Ltd., the Risen 370W, 390W, and 450W Mono-Perc range is a high-performance solar photovoltaic product used in solar energy systems for the efficient use of renewable energy.
This PV module uses multi-busbar (MBB) technology created for a higher performance compared to the standard 3-busbar technology. Multi-busbar welding design compresses busbar spacing thus, reducing the risk of a microcrack and the distance of the current transmission path is shortened as well. It lessens the PV cost per kilowatt-hour by producing more efficient modular conversion that increases the power output. Potential-induced degradation (PID) caused by a current leakage can occur in PV modules resulting in a high-power loss. 


Risen Modules are PID resistant with a positive tight power tolerance. The flexibility and adaptability of a PV module define the range of its applicability and with the wide application means the product is able to generate a large profit. 


Environmental conditions (e.g., operating temperature, wind speed, and humidity) is one of the main reasons for the poor performance of PV modules after installation. Risen Mono-Perc PV Modules are very safe and effective to use even in seaside and desert areas as it has wind blown sand resistance. Salt exposure can cause corrosion to PV modules since salt is an electrochemical conductor. Risen PV is salt-mist resistant and can still withstand even salt-laden atmospheres. This product also reduces the power loss from dirt and dust via anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface technology. Thermal conductivity also affects the functions of PV modules. Risen PV module has a low operating temperature technology reducing its thermal conductivity coefficient that helps to prevent light-elevated temperature-induced degradation (LETID). It also limits the risk of light-induced degradation (LID), a decrease in PV module performance at the initial stage of sunlight exposure. Risen Modules also have an excellent mechanical load of 4500 Pa and a snow load of 5400 Pa.


In low irradiance situations, the power generation of Risen PV Modules are stable even in low light. PV module reliability depends on its strength against external forces such as wind and snow. One of the major problems in PV modules is shadows and partial shading, reducing efficiency. Shadows cast on the PV module can highly weaken performance but Risen’s solution for this common issue and its anti-shading performance can prevent shading losses. 


The sun is a great and powerful source of clean energy and it is proven to be efficient and helpful not just for the consumers but for the environment as well. More families and business owners are now taking the advantage of renewable energy power through the use of photovoltaics. The cost of investing in this technology is so much lower compared to the benefits you will get from purchasing this kind of product. The cost-effectiveness, efficacy and high reliability of Risen PV Modules make it the leading photovoltaic module product available in the marketplace.

The Benefits of Using Alpha ESS SMILE Batteries
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The Benefits of Using Alpha ESS SMILE Batteries


Technology is s a part of our daily lives as it provides convenience in the area of transportation,  education, communication, healthcare, . People innovate things by converting natural  resources to more excellent products. One of these is Solar Power, an advanced technology that is widely  used today by homeowners and businesses around the globe. Consumers always find ways to improve their  living with the use of cost-effective and efficient systems or approaches hence, the trend of renewable  energy continues to rise.

Alpha ESS, founded in 2012, is a multinational company that develops batteries for storage energy  systems. Alpha ESS Company produces the Alpha ESS SMILE series, a complete power system that consists  of an inverter, storage unit and battery modules. ESS means Energy Storage System and Alpha ESS is a solar  power solution that increases your electricity independence, gives a more accessible power supply and free  source of energy without compromising the health of the environment that highly contributes to an  ecological economy and a sustainable future. It is a multifunctional solution that can be used in a large  range of applications in households and business industries. To easily summarize the major benefits of this  product, just don’t forget to

Modular battery
Intelligent Control
Long lifep
Essential load protected

CEC Accredited

This product is accredited by international standards such as the Clean Energy Council (CEC) and is  proven safe. Alpha ESS SMILE uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) with an advanced Battery  Management System (BMS) which is considered the safest type of lithium battery. It is safer than lithium ion used by other competitors since it is non-flammable and has the ability to operate even in a higher  temperature. This gives the battery a longer life p than other solar batteries. The price is cheaper as  well and more affordable compared to other batteries without compromising the benefits and  performance. This solar battery is also capable of providing blackout protection by giving continuous power  to your home during a power outage without additional costs.

Uninterrupted Power Supply 

It serves as the Uninterrupted Power Supply  (UPS) which means the functions and operations of devices that are supplied by this power system will not  be interrupted. Unlike the other batteries, Alpha ESS SMILE has this built-in technology. When it comes to  storage capacity, these battery modules that are manufactured by Energy Very Endure (EVE) are one of the  more effective solutions and more expandable batteries to use since the storage units can be supplied with  different capacity batteries. Another excellent benefit of Alpha ESS is its plug-and-play feature.

The Alpha  ESS batteries can be plugged into the existing solar energy system in your home and convert AC to DC to  store energy in the battery and then convert it back to usable AC energy to supply power to the entire  house.

People are now using the advantage of solar energy by installing solar power systems in their  homes and in the business industries. With many solar battery products available in the market, it is  essential to evaluate their benefits and functionalities. Some of the factors and criteria that influence the

consumers are the cost, safety, user-friendliness, life p, operational and storage capacities. With its  superior quality, the Alpha ESS SMILE battery is gaining popularity in the market today and continues to  develop more efficient and advanced solar energy batteries.

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