The Benefits of Using Alpha ESS SMILE Batteries

The Benefits of Using Alpha ESS SMILE Batteries


Technology is s a part of our daily lives as it provides convenience in the area of transportation,  education, communication, healthcare, . People innovate things by converting natural  resources to more excellent products. One of these is Solar Power, an advanced technology that is widely  used today by homeowners and businesses around the globe. Consumers always find ways to improve their  living with the use of cost-effective and efficient systems or approaches hence, the trend of renewable  energy continues to rise.

Alpha ESS, founded in 2012, is a multinational company that develops batteries for storage energy  systems. Alpha ESS Company produces the Alpha ESS SMILE series, a complete power system that consists  of an inverter, storage unit and battery modules. ESS means Energy Storage System and Alpha ESS is a solar  power solution that increases your electricity independence, gives a more accessible power supply and free  source of energy without compromising the health of the environment that highly contributes to an  ecological economy and a sustainable future. It is a multifunctional solution that can be used in a large  range of applications in households and business industries. To easily summarize the major benefits of this  product, just don’t forget to

Modular battery
Intelligent Control
Long lifep
Essential load protected

CEC Accredited

This product is accredited by international standards such as the Clean Energy Council (CEC) and is  proven safe. Alpha ESS SMILE uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) with an advanced Battery  Management System (BMS) which is considered the safest type of lithium battery. It is safer than lithium ion used by other competitors since it is non-flammable and has the ability to operate even in a higher  temperature. This gives the battery a longer life p than other solar batteries. The price is cheaper as  well and more affordable compared to other batteries without compromising the benefits and  performance. This solar battery is also capable of providing blackout protection by giving continuous power  to your home during a power outage without additional costs.

Uninterrupted Power Supply 

It serves as the Uninterrupted Power Supply  (UPS) which means the functions and operations of devices that are supplied by this power system will not  be interrupted. Unlike the other batteries, Alpha ESS SMILE has this built-in technology. When it comes to  storage capacity, these battery modules that are manufactured by Energy Very Endure (EVE) are one of the  more effective solutions and more expandable batteries to use since the storage units can be supplied with  different capacity batteries. Another excellent benefit of Alpha ESS is its plug-and-play feature.

The Alpha  ESS batteries can be plugged into the existing solar energy system in your home and convert AC to DC to  store energy in the battery and then convert it back to usable AC energy to supply power to the entire  house.

People are now using the advantage of solar energy by installing solar power systems in their  homes and in the business industries. With many solar battery products available in the market, it is  essential to evaluate their benefits and functionalities. Some of the factors and criteria that influence the

consumers are the cost, safety, user-friendliness, life p, operational and storage capacities. With its  superior quality, the Alpha ESS SMILE battery is gaining popularity in the market today and continues to  develop more efficient and advanced solar energy batteries.

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