Are Sodium-Ion Batteries The Next Big Thing In Solar Storage?

Sodium-Ion Batteries

Sodium-ion batteries are a promising technology for energy storage, and they have the potential to become a key player in the solar storage market. While lithium-ion batteries are currently the most common type of battery used for solar storage, sodium-ion batteries offer some advantages that could make them an attractive alternative. One of the main […]

Agave eCactus: The Revolutionary Energy Storage Solution for Solar Power

As the demand for solar energy storage continues to grow, Agave eCactus has emerged as a leading solution in the market. The Agave eCactus is an innovative energy storage system that offers advanced features and cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way solar energy is stored and utilized. One of the key aspects of Agave eCactus […]

All about the New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC)

What is New Energy Tech? Small-scale goods and systems that produce, store, or trade energy away from Australia’s main power transmission and distribution networks, or that function as distributed energy resources linked to an energy network, are referred to as New Energy Tech. This includes technologies like EV Charger, solar panels & batteries, heat pumps, […]

What will this mean for solar prices in the near future?

Supply Shocks in China  With Covid-19 lockdown delayed installations and impending price surges of a solar PV system, 2021 has not been kind to the Australian solar industry. But why are solar prices rising so suddenly?   Energy Crisis in China – What is Happening? At the end of 2020, China halted the purchase of […]

Commercial Solar Power – Will This Benefit My Business?

Commercial Solar Power

The price of electricity has had a significant rise in the past few years and is not looking at slowing down. Australian businesses seeking to lower these costs are turning to commercial solar power solutions. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why a solar PV system can benefit your business.   Advantages […]

Fronius Solar.Web Wi-Fi Monitoring

Fronius Wi-Fi Monitoring Setup Guide for Tablet and Smart Phone

Wi-Fi Monitoring Setup Guide  PV SYSTEM MONITORING With Fronius Solar.web Step 1: On your inverter, check the four LED lights on the Datamanager card, the LED labelled with a ‘tick’ and the LED labelled with a ‘cross’ needs to light up green. If they aren’t green, check to ensure the Datamanager card and termination plug […]