What will this mean for solar prices in the near future?

Price Surges of a Solar

Supply Shocks in China  With Covid-19 lockdown delayed installations and impending price surges of a solar PV system, 2021 has not been kind to the Australian solar industry. But why are solar prices rising so suddenly?   Energy Crisis in China – What is Happening? At the end of 2020, China halted the purchase of […]

Commercial Solar Power – Will This Benefit My Business?

Commercial Solar Power

The price of electricity has had a significant rise in the past few years and is not looking at slowing down. Australian businesses seeking to lower these costs are turning to commercial solar power solutions. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why a solar PV system can benefit your business.   Advantages […]

Fronius Solar.Web Wi-Fi Monitoring

Fronius Wi-Fi Monitoring Setup Guide for Tablet and Smart Phone

Wi-Fi Monitoring Setup Guide  PV SYSTEM MONITORING With Fronius Solar.web Step 1: On your inverter, check the four LED lights on the Datamanager card, the LED labelled with a ‘tick’ and the LED labelled with a ‘cross’ needs to light up green. If they aren’t green, check to ensure the Datamanager card and termination plug […]